AORE Auction – $15,000 Worth of Prizes Given Away!


This month AORE has a very, VERY special meeting planned to celebrate the holidays! At this months AORE monthly meeting we will be giving out some amazing AORE tools and goodies! It's the meeting many of you have been waiting for all year... The AORE Auction! And the best part is... it costs you nothing! You will only be able to use AORE bucks (play money) that you have been earning all year!

And for those of you who have just joined us for the first time recently, or maybe this coming Saturday is your first meeting...we assure you that you won't be left out! We have some ideas up our sleeves to level the playing field to make sure everyone leaves Saturday with something! Even if its your first meeting!!!

This month, AORE is Auctioning off over $15,000 worth of goodies, classes, discounts, tshirts, book bags, training & educational tools, books, AORE Planners, etc... There will be something for everyone who attends!

AND it doesn't end additon to this special one time only AORE Auction event on land, there is still the amazing networking, friendship and education that will be a part of this AORE meeting just like every other's just this month we're giving you 15,000 extra reasons to be here!

Here are the details:

  • WHAT | AORE Monthly Saturday Training
  • WHERE | Savannah Rapids Pavilion
    3300 Evans to Locks Rd.
    Evans, GA 30809
  • WHEN | Saturday, December 13, 2014
    8:00a to 10:30a*
    (doors open at 8a for coffee and networking - meeting starts at 8:30a sharp)
    $15,000 worth of prizes will be given away!
  • COST | Members FREE
    Non-Members $20 at the door

Now, we are not trying to bribe you to get up early or anything like that...but if that's what it takes to get you up a little early and get to the AORE Saturday Morning Meeting to get motivated to change your financial future...well, we just might do it!

So... here is your personal invitation to join us! And we encourage you to bring 10 of your closest friends too! This is definitely a meeting you won't want to miss!

See You Saturday!

Justin Anderson


Jim Hadden Speaks at AORE Saturday Meeting

It's that time again! Tomorrow is the 2nd Saturday of the month... which means Don and Justin get their monthly re-charge by having the opportunity to hang out with all of you for a morning exchanging ideas, talking about what has been happening in the market, what kinds of deals are going on... and this month AORE has the absolute best resource in Augusta to help everyone understand what is going on in our market and how you can take advantage of the coming Real Estate Boom!

This month AORE is priveleged to be hosting one of the Top Keller Williams agents in the country! This man sold more houses last year than most agents sell in their entire career! And this month, Mr. Jim Hadden is going to take the time away from his incredible business and share with us the secret to his success... and how talent had so little to do with it! What is so awesome is that once you learn this secret, you will discover it is so simple to implement that in fact the hardest part was passing the show up test! That's've got to show up Saturday morning to hear it! But I can assure you this... if you do show up and listen, the information Jim gives you will change your life!

Here are the details:

  • WHAT | AORE Monthly Saturday Meeting
  • WHERE | Savannah Rapids Pavilion
    3300 Evans to Locks Rd.
    Evans, GA 30809
  • WHEN | Saturday, October 11th, 2014
    8:30 am to 10:00 am
    Doors Open at 8a for networking
  • SPEAKER/TOPIC | Jim Hadden
    "Talent is Overrated!" - What Really separates World-Class Performers from Everybody Else
  • COST | Members FREE
    Non-Members $20* at the door
    *First time guests are free

How serious are you about building your Real Estate Business? Saturday morning, there will be nearly 70 other serious investors, all actively working in this Augusta, GA Market... and all willing to help you make it happen! So get up early... and join AORE as we work to help you build the foundation to secure your financial freedom!

See you at the top!

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