AORE Saturday Meeting - 3.14.15



Keith Fell
Building Success, One Deal at a Time!

Can you believe it is March 2015! How did that happen? It feels like just yesterday it was Y2K...and now its March 2015! The first quarter of the year is nearly over! It really is true...20 years is coming whether you do anything or not. The question is...what are you going to do?

Every month you have an opportunity to meet and learn from successful local investors right here in your own backyard, each one with nothing to sell...they are only showing up with something to give...their time and knowledge. I know, i know...some of you are still waiting for the trick...the catch. I am finally going to come is the trick. YOU HAVE TO SHOW UP! The 60, 75, sometimes even 90+ local investors that come to our meetings, many who have been speakers at past AORE Meetings, can't help you if you don't SHOW UP!

This month we have a man who I admire tremendously SHOWING UP TO HELP YOU. He is a local investor that I met right here at a Saturday Meeting for the first time several years ago...and I am so thankful HE SHOWED UP! Keith Fell has impacted my life in so many incredible ways since we met, and the coolest thing is...he sincerely will do the same thing for you...if you SHOW UP.

Today, Keith and his team flip more houses each year than anyone else I know in Augusta. And Saturday, he is going to SHOW UP to explain to us exactly how he got started investing in real estate, what the most important things he has learned along the way, and then help you get focused building your Real Estate Investment business.

Here are the details:

WHAT: AORE Monthly Saturday Meeting

WHERE: Savannah Rapids Pavillion
                  3300 Evans to Locks Rd.
                  Evans, GA 30809

WHEN: Saturday, March 14, 2015
               8:30a to 10:30a
                Doors Open at 8a for Coffee and Networking

SPEAKER/TOPIC: Keith Fell - Building Success One Deal at a Time

COST: Members FREE
Non-Members $20 at the door
First Time Guests $10 at the door

The Real Estate Market is turning rapidly...we are slowly starting to hear about it in the media again. And we all know that the media doesn't predict the future. Rather, they report the past. The time to SHOW UP is NOW! SHOW UP before the market gets red hot and the headline of every paper is reporting about the Real Estate Millionaires that are being made! They will be reporting the past...and I am pretty certain you will want to be a part of who they are reporting about...not one of the folks who simply missed out!

Take action this coming Saturday Morning March 14, 2015...get up early and join the AORE Team as we kick off the weekend together learning from one of the most accomplished Real Estate investors I have had the privilege to know and work with...and he's willing to help you too! But you have to _________________!!!

I know you already filled in the blank....SHOW UP!!!

See you Saturday!!!

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