AORE Saturday Meeting 6-13-15


Ken and Tracie Amrhein

Persistence is the KEY to Success!!

Have I told you lately...My favorite day of the entire month is this coming SATURDAY!!!!! That's right, the next AORE monthly Saturday Meeting is here! And AORE is prepared to deliver again!!!

This coming Saturday Morning, in traditional AORE fashion...we have two of the most successful LOCAL Real Estate Investors in the area taking center stage to share with us the very specific details of how they got started Investing in Real Estate right here in your backyard!

While these two are absolutely deserving of the title "GURU's"...they are not a couple of traveling salespeople from out of town here to sell you a bunch of books and CD's! These are two ordinary folks from right here in Augusta, GA who have achieved extra-ordinary results by following a few key AORE Philosophies! And this Saturday, Don and I have given them permission to tell it all!

Ken and Tracie will not hold back! This Saturday they intend to share with all of us exactly how they have accomplished such amazing things in such a short period of time!

Here are the details:

WHAT: AORE Monthly Saturday Meeting

WHERE: Savannah Rapids Pavillion
                3300 Evans to Locks Rd.
                Evans, GA 30809

WHEN: Saturday, June 13, 2015
               8:30a to 10:30a
               Doors Open at 8a for Coffee and Networking

SPEAKER/TOPIC: Ken and Tracie Amrhein
Persistence is the KEY to Success!!

COST: Members FREE
           Non-Members $20 at the door
           First Time Guests $10 at the door

If you are truly serious about building a Real Estate Investment Business...I hate to say it, but YOU WOULD BE CRAZY NOT TO BE HERE!!! This coming Saturday, the AORE training room will be filled with 50 or 60 other successful investors all making things happen in your local market. And ALL of them are willing to help you!

But the trick is...YOU HAVE TO SHOW UP!!! You have to be here!

AORE is unlike any other Real Estate Investment training organization you have ever seen! In most Investor Association rooms there are only a handful of folks doing anything. 5-10% of the group at most! In the AORE Rooms - 90-95% (if not 100%) of the folks are doing deals! WHY??? Because we are not busy trying to demonstrate how much you don't already know and then sell you a class to solve that problem. Rather, we focus on what you do know...and then help you put that knowledge to work right away...and as a result we have a 95-100% success rate! The folks involved in AORE are making deals happen!

So, if you are waiting for an invitation...here it is: YOU"RE INVITED! Come join us!!! Take action this coming Saturday Morning June 13, 2015...get up early, grab 10 of your friends you care most about, and join the AORE Team as we kick off the weekend together learning from two of the most accomplished Real Estate investors we have had the privilege to know and work with...and I assure you, they are willing to help you with absolutely no strings attached! But you have to SHOW UP!!!

See you Saturday!!!

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