1 day Group Courses

Real Estate 101

What to Expect:

  • Develop your personal investment strategy
  • Find great deals in today’s marketplace
  • Understand what you are looking for in a deal
  • Learn how to analyze the great deals you find
  • Prepare yourself to invest
  • Learn how to set up your real estate investment business and manage your investments

This course is essential to the first time investor. Materials covered will help you choose your path(s) to success. We start with and build on the basics because a solid foundation is essential to later profitability. If you are already an investor, the course will help you refocus and reflect on what you need to take it to the next level. Once you attend this class you can return for a refresher course for FREE.
(Free offer is subject to change without notice)

This is a foundational level training required as a prerequisite to attend other higher level AORE trainings.

$199 per Couple

$299 for Nonmembers

Prepare yourself to invest

Learn how to set up your business

Find great deals in the marketplace


Landlording 101

 What to Expect:

  • How to prepare your property for rent
  • How to market it and to generate tenant leads
  • How to interact with potential tenants
  • How to conduct a thorough background check
  • How to show your property
  • Discuss Fair House laws
  • Receive a lease that will be gone over
  • Cover the eviction process

Renting residential property is easy. Making it profitable is the hard part. This course will equip you with the knowledge and multiple tools to make the hard part, easier. We’ll review the state laws and read the rental contract and addendums. You learn the how to be a great landlord, how to get your rent checks on time every month, how to screen for excellent tenants and how to reduce costs and increase profits. This is a critical course if your path includes landlording.

$599 per Couple

$799 for Nonmembers

Prepare your property for rent

Learn how to show your property

Comprehend the eviction process


Rehabbing 101

What to Expect:

  • Discover how to focus your investment strategy towards rehabbing
  • Learn how to find your target properties
  • Learn how to accurately estimate value
  • Develop a comprehensive scope of work
  • Build systems to flip your deals faster
  • Discover how to better communicate with contractors
  • Go over actual case studies from your local market

Visit a project in construction. Learn how to estimate costs and what the most problematic issues are before you experience them first hand. See what a before and after project cost and what the margins can be. Hear real rehabbers talk about their experiences in depth and ask questions. This is the part the TV programs do not show. Learn first hand how to choose and work with vendors to complete the project on time and under budget.

$599 per Couple

$799 for Nonmembers

Find target properties

Develop a scope of work

Comprehend case studies


Wholesaling 101

What to Expect:

  • How to define a target wholesale market
  • How to develop a marketing campaign to attract the best deals
  • Learn how to work your leads
  • Understand how to quickly and accurately evaluate deals
  • Learn how to negotiate the best price
  • Get a purchase contract that we use

Wholesaling is a way to get into real estate without spending any/much of your own money. Wholesaling is actually a people business, not just a property business. You’ll learn how to find prospect for properties and “catch them” before they go onto the market. We discuss the variety of ways and sources of funding.  There are multiple “gotchas” in the wholesaling business and real people who live right here will explain them. Learn wholesaling from the best.

$599 per Couple

$799 for Nonmembers

Define a wholesale market

Learn how to work your leads

Receive a purchase contract



Group Coaching

 What to Expect:

  • Program designed to meet your specific business needs
  • Focused accountability sessions help you set and achieve your goals
  • Small group meets weekly for 6 months

Achieve success faster, as the leadership of AORE smoothly guides you across the vast ocean of Real Estate Investing, along with other like-minded investors. We are a team of seasoned local investors with the skills, knowledge, experience and proven track record of success both in our personal businesses, and in developing other investors in our community. We commit to hold you accountable, challenge you to perform at your peak performance level and build your foundation to secure your financial future…one deal at a time!


Membership Required

6 months of group coaching

Tailored to meet your needs

Accountability & goal setting


One-on-One Coaching

 What to Expect:

  • Custom tailored program designed to meet your specific business needs
  • 1-on-1 focused accountability sessions help you set and achieve your goals
  • Expert local knowledge with over 30 years of combined experience in nearly all aspects of real estate investing

In our 1-on-1 Coaching program, we look at each individual student's needs and develop a program to take them to the next level of growth in their business. Whether you are working on your first deal, or your 100th, we can help you overcome whatever hurdles you are facing. A coach can’t guarantee that you’ll never falter or stumble. What they can do, however, is help to ensure that a stumble doesn’t precede a painful fall to the rear of the pack. Hire a good coach to catch you if you fall, to direct you when you stray, and to celebrate you when you succeed!


Membership Required

6 months of 1-on-1 mentoring

Custom-tailored to meet your needs

Extensive goal planning